Celebrations of Life

Helping Families With the Costs For A Celebration of Life

Why do so many famalies choose us to help with the costs of a Celebration of Life?




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Celebrations of Life

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A celebration of life service is a type of memorial service meant for honoring the deceased and celebrating their life. Celebration of life services are exactly how they sound: a celebration of your loved one’s life. The overall tone at a celebration of life is one of joy and celebration at a life well lived.

How We Help

Memorialfunding.org supports families by easing the financial burden of an up-front payment of a celebration of life. This event is an opportunity for family and friends to pay tribute to a loved one while saying goodbye in a uniquely personal way.

Many Options To Celebrate A Loved One’s Life

Celebrations of life are made meaningful when they embody and serve as a window into the life of the deceased. There are countless ideas for this type of celebration because each individual is unique. Some people work with a funeral director to plan a special celebration, and others may choose to hire professional celebrants to help them with the planning.

Image of family participating in one of the celebrations of life of their loved one.

Memorial Funding Also Helps Families With All Costs With the Passing of a Loved One