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Our Mission

When a loved one dies, most people simply want to focus on their need to honor, remember and mourn the person. Unfortunately, many details and often-difficult decisions must be handled at the same time.

MemorialFunding.org supports families by easing the financial burden of funerals and memorial services. We provide life insurance assignment services for qualified policies and beneficiaries.

MemorialFunding.org works with funeral professionals nationwide to offer a convenient way for families to make timely use of the proceeds of a life insurance policy.

Whether your loss is unexpected or anticipated, we are here to ease the financial burden of caring for the death of your loved one.

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Benefits to Funeral Directors by participating in our program

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Higher Family Satisfaction

  • Families really appreciate this ability
  • Family able to focus on celebrating the life of a loved one in the manner they choose without financial restrictions.
  • Eases the financial burden, provides resources that may otherwise not be available.

For The Funeral Home

  • Removes the question of being paid
  • Increases the value of each call
  • Reduces Direct Cremation / cremations
  • Increases Call Volume