About Us

Helping Families with the costs for funerals and related expenses.

We know that deaths are often unexpected. When an untimely death happens, many people wonder how to pay for a funeral, including the costs related to the funeral home and cemetery. You may not have accessible financial means to give your loved one the respectful farewell you envisioned, including a service. There is now help paying for a funeral available to you.

We offer you an option for convenient and affordable financing of funeral home, cemetery and all expenses associated with and related to those services. You can focus on honoring your loved one and not be deterred by how to pay.

At the time of death or when planning a funeral financing assistance option may ease some of the burden and stress that comes with making arrangements. Once approved for financing, you will have access to the funds in order to make service arrangements to honor your loved one. Then, you can pay off the cost over time in monthly increments at competitive rates.

Our Mission

When a loved one dies, most people simply want to focus on their need to honor, remember and mourn the person. Unfortunately, many details and often-difficult decisions must be handled at the same time.

Funeral costs are expensive with a number of additional costs one doesn’t typically think of. Many families are simply not in the position to come up with the money at a difficult time. 

MemorialFunding.org helps families by easing the financial burden of funerals, memorial services and all other related expenses.

MemorialFunding.org works with families and funeral professionals nationwide to offer a convenient way for families to be able to afford the services they truly want to have for their loved ones.

Whether your loss is unexpected or anticipated, we are here to help you ease the financial burden of caring for the death of your loved one.

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MemorialFunding.org helps with the following expenses as well.