Helping Families with Cemetery Costs

Why do so many families use us to help with Cemetery Costs?




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Memorialfunding.org Cemetery program is designed to ease the financial burden of up-front cemetery costs for all families.

The following costs may be included:

Internment Rights. This is the purchase of the burial plot(s). Families may use our program for the purchase of one or multiple graves.

Opening and Closing. This is the actual opening and closing of the grave and may include the use of a casket lowering device and other related items or services.

Burial Vaults or Grave Liners. The cemetery may require an outer container to protect the earth.

Perpetual Care. Sometimes referred to as an endowment fee. This is a one-time charge for the cemetery maintenance fund.

Image of cemetery stone in a cemetery

Memorial Funding Helps Families With All Costs With The Loss Of A Loved One