Monthly Payments For Funeral & Memorial Services

Monthly Payments For All Funeral And Cemetery Costs

Funeral & Memorial Service Monthly Payments

Finance…Really??? Why do I want to assist families secure funding for their loved one’s services?

Most times families will not share their challenge of being able to afford a service they may desire for a loved one and will most often opt for a less costly option. By explaining any desired service may be available for a reasonable monthly payment will allow the family the freedom to choose a service to honor their loved one without the worry of a large financial commitment all at once.

Would families really be interested in the ability to finance the services for a loved one?

Absolutely! Considering over 85% of our population does not have $10,000.00 available for an emergency and over 60% of our population does not have $500.00 available for even a minor emergency. Is it a wonder why the families you serve are selecting less costly options…?

Does a family’s ability to finance the services of a loved one benefit my firm?

It most certainly does! A number of studies have proven time and again that when companies have made financing options available to consumers the benefits are actually amazing. Consumers with buying power typically invest 20%-45% more in purchases than they would if financing options were not available.

Man at Memorial Funding Funeral Financing

What is Memorial Funding

Are you suggesting my Funeral Home offer payment plans?

Absolutely Not!  The key to good cash flow management is receiving your funds prior to the services.  We work with our client firms to do just that. You and your staff are trained to best practices standards in cash flow management and you will be simply guiding your families to an online platform where funding may be arranged for qualified families.

Surely this must cost our firm a fortune…..

Other than working to establish (we will show you how) company policies and techniques that foster excellent cash flow management practices, we do not charge our clients for our services. We are compensated (and not very much) from the lenders who use our electronic platform to serve your families.  Once enrolled to use our suite of services, you may use any of them as often as you would like at no additional cost.

Is this difficult to implement into my funeral home operations?

Actually, we have done all the hard work already. We just need you and your arranging directors to work with us so your firm and the families you serve can enjoy the many benefits of our services.

How do I get started?

Simply call or message us online. We will review our services in detail. If you feel we can benefit your firm and the families you serve we will proceed. We will then arrange an ‘in-service’ with your arranging directors. This may be in the form of an electronic meeting and we will review in detail all the features and benefits our service affords your firm and the families you serve.