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Help With Payments For Memorial Diamonds and All Memorial Jewelry

Why do so many families use us to help with payments for Memorial Diamonds and Memorial Jewelry?




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Memorial Diamonds Jewelry From Ashes

Monthly Payment Programs for Memorial Diamonds and Jewelry From Ashes supports families by esing the financial burden when purchasing a Memorial Diamond, Jewelry from Ashes or any Memorial or Cremation Jewelry.

Cremation Jewelry is simply a way for people to be close to a loved one. Cremation Jewelry can be created in many choices of designs, styles and shapes with a nearly a very wide price range as well. Cremation Jewelry can be very simple and understated, ornate and extravagant and everything in between.

Using cremated remains,  diamonds created in a laboratory, often referred to as “synthetic diamonds“, “cultured diamonds”, or “laboratory-grown diamonds”. Some memorial diamonds are graded by gemological laboratories, such as Gemological Institute of America (US) or Birmingham Assay Office (United Kingdom).[1]

Manufacturing methods may differ by service providers. Switzerland based Algordanza claims to use only the carbon derived from the ashes or hair supplied to them as they have developed the technique of carbon extraction to a higher level of purity.

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