Memorial Reefs

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Memorial Reefs

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A memorial reef is like an underwater cemetery. It is surrounded with underwater life. It becomes more vibrant and teeming the more established it becomes. This idea of a permanent memorial site in the ocean is appealing to many. An interesting alternative of interring cremated remains.

How We Help supports families by easing the financial burden of the up-front cost of interring a loved one on a memorial reef by providing affordable monthly payments designed for your family’s needs.

Memorial Reefs

Memorial Reefs helps support the marine environment all around the world, by building underwater memorials for your loved ones.

The textured surface attracts coral polyps, and the hollow interior provides shelter for marine organisms.

The memorial reef contains the cremated remains of your loved ones. You can place a bronze plaque with the family member’s name, lifespan, and other information onto the front of the reef memorial.

Image of Memorial Reef underwater with colorful fish. Also Helps With The Following Costs: