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Monthly Payment Programs


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100 % Best Price Guaranteed

Buying a marker for a loved one is a very personal and emotional time in ones life. The cost alone can be draining to families. Our goal is to make the prices and ordering process easy on families. Our site is designed so that anyone can create a beautiful cemetery marker in the privacy of their home. No pressure sales or inflated prices will ever be found here at Upright-Headstones.com. We are so sure our prices are the lowest we offer a 100% price guarantee.

Upright-Headstones.com Lifetime Warranty

Upon completion, you can be sure that your Upright-Headstones.com memorial will be free from defects and will have passed the inspection of the toughest memorial quality standards.

We certify that Upright-Headstones.com will replace without charge any memorial should it crack, check, flake, discolor or prove defective due to natural causes. This warranty covers completely all aspects of the memorial as produced by Affordable-Markers.com.

Care, Comfort And Respect

We work hard to make difficult times less painful. At Upright-Headstones.com, we are experts in all aspects of creating beautiful memorials. We pride ourselves in the care, comfort, and assurance we provide our customers, as well as the all-inclusive, in-house service and exceptional quality and craftsmanship of our custom monuments, gravestones, and headstones, utilizing the best technology available for the industry combined with our tried and true traditional processes honed from years of experience.